What separates Geometra from other takeoff softwares?

 - $65 a month subscription with unlimited support. Come and go as you please, No Contract! (a deal you can't beat anywhere)
- Complete estimates 5 times faster. If you save 2 work hours a month, Geometra pays for itself. How much is your time worth?
- Cloud based flexibility. Progress is saved on external servers; access your plans from any computer, anywhere in the world.
-Create Synergy with colleagues by working on multiple projects at various locations in real time.
-Simplify your estimates by calculating tiles and slopes right on your blueprints. Organize and color code with one simple click. Now gain leverage when purchasing material.
- Online demonstration from the comfort of your home computer is always available. 30 minutes is all it takes, so don't hesitate to contact us 24/7 with questions.

Use our takeoff software directly on your PDF blueprints

You can quickly and easily calculate length, areas, volumes, and more on your PDF blueprints. These measurements can then easily be export to other types of programs such as Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), OpenOffice, and BidCon.
Geometra takeoff software does not use a drawing specified scale (eg 1:200), but is instead based on a known measurement. This prevents small scale distortions that occur when printing drawings to paper or scans of the drawing from populating in Geometra's Takeoff Software.


If you work with tiles, shingles, or bricks, ranging from flooring, roofing, or masonry; Geometra takeoff software has a built in features for you. Geometra takeoff software allows you to figure out how many tiles, sheets, or bricks you need by just entering the dimensions. Geometra takeoff software will in the same moment help you figure out how to get the least waste-percentage out of a project.




Geometra is a cloud based takeoff software

Since your measurements and files are saved on Geometra takeoff software’s secure external servers, you can access them from anywhere in the world. This means that blueprints can be worked on at the office during the day, and continued upon at your home office computer in the evening.
Since you also have access to your drawings when you are out in the field or at another job site, you can quickly retrieve metrics and information crucial to completing projects. This can include how much material that needs to be ordered or confirming important information.
Gain leverage when purchasing
With Geometra takeoff software, you can easily see how much of a given material you will need. This means Geometra takeoff software works very well as a support tool for purchasing. The estimating department can quickly calculate the total project material quantities and then hand it over to the purchasing department, which in turn can leverage the estimate when negotiating purchases.
Collaborate with your colleagues in projects simultaneously

Geometra takeoff software makes it easy to collaborate and save time with your colleagues in different projects and create synergy. This is because the program allows you to connect multiple users simultaneously on the same project and jointly measure and work with drawings in real time. No synchronization is needed, because Geometra takeoff software does this automatically.
Calculate Slopes

In most drawings, slopes in form of ceilings and ramps occur frequently. With Geometra takeoff software's build in slope tool, you can quickly apply degrees to an area of measurement and calculated exact values for more unique calculations such as ceilings and ramps.


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